Our Goal

To provide the best, safest, most effective and cost efficient road system possible to the people of Ingham County.



The Ingham County Road Commission is responsible for more than 1,240 miles of roads outside incorporated cities and villages throughout Ingham County. Through the efforts of its more than 90 employees and 450 pieces of equipment,  those roadways are cleared of snow and are kept in good repair. In addition, the Road Commission is responsible for traffic signals, flashing beacons, bridges, road signs and culverts within county road rights of way throughout Ingham County's 550 square miles. Click here for more information on the County Road Commissions throughout the State of Michigan.



   Snow and ice removal
   Dust control on gravel roads
   Roadside mowing
   Traffic signs and signals
   Pavement markings
   Pothole patching
   Design of roads and bridge

   Construction inspection
   Subdivision plat review
   Traffic studies
   Accounting procedures
   Personnel matters
   Union negotiations

The Road Commission's primary responsibility is to provide reasonably safe roads through proper construction and maintenance.  Safety is the Road Commission's top priority. 

If you have a road related problem to report, please contact our office at (517) 676-9722.  For our staff directory please click here.  For directions to our office please click here.


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